Welcoming Ramadan

We would like to congratulate the Muslim community in Australia on the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan and wish you a blessed month of fasting.

It is heartbreaking that Ramadan arrives this year to empty mosques around the world due to the COVID19 pandemic. A test from Allah we haven’t seen ever. No prayers, No Jumaa (Friday) , No Taraweeh, No Eid prayer. While we hold out hope to return to the mosque when the situation allows, at the Australian Islamic center we are working hard to continue reaching out to our Muslim community and deliver religious guidance and messages via live streaming and other media so we can all stay connected to Allah and our beloved religion.

We have a special program for Ramadan to keep the spirit of this holy month high in every Muslim house in Melbourne and around Australia Inshallah. 

Ramadan Program: https://www.australianislamiccentre.org/ramadan-program/

Ramadan booklet: https://www.australianislamiccentre.org/ramadan-program/

We also remind you of the opportunity to come closer to Allah with your charity and donation during the holy month of Ramadan and pay your Zakat and Sadaqah. Newport Mosque accepts your donations to cover the ongoing costs, wages and loans amounting to about $500,000 this year.

The AIC needs you even more this year to keep the mosque and centre in a position to serve the community in prepation for you and your children when we all return to the house of Allah sooner rather than later inshallah.

May Allah accept from all.

Make the last 10 the best 10

Take this opportunity to come closer to Allah SWT with your charity and donations. We need your help and support to remain afloat. Please help by donating and sharing this message. You will be rewarded for every person that contributes. May Allah accept SWT accept from all.