The centre will have considerable general benefits to the entire community in Hobsons Bay and specific benefits to the local Muslim Community. It will also have benefits with reaching effects to many residents of Melbourne. Below is a brief description of the expected short and long term benefits of each component of the centre.


The first benefit of the mosque is achieving the blessings of Allah (Almighty God). This is a blessing that will be bestowed on all members of our community and the area of Hobsons Bay / Melbourne. It will also have the following practical benefits:

  • Providing a place of worship to the Muslim community in Hobsons Bay and accommodate for their religious needs. The existing facility at the corner of Mason St and Walker St has ran out of capacity a long time ago and is currently over congested where worshipers have to pray in the car park and in the street on numerous occasions.
  • The mosque will provide sufficient indoor prayer space for important days in the Muslim Calendar such as Friday and Eid prayers, hence a more quite environment for both Muslims Worshippers and other members of the community.
  • The mosque will provide the opportunity for holding Open Days which brings various members of our society together and improves understanding of each other; leading to a harmonic and peaceful society. The greater space and facilities associated with the mosque will accommodate for the requirements of such days.

Education Centre

  • The Education Centre will consist of a Library which will provide resources on Islamic and Arabic Cultures and this will help:
  • Muslims and Non Muslims in accessing resources of knowledge to these great religion and cultures
  • Non Muslims in understanding more about Islam and Arabic cultures, hence bringing people together and improve relations across communities.
  • A place for people to spend useful time which has great benefits to everyone.

The Education Centre will consist of Eight Class Rooms which will have the following direct benefits:

  • Providing Religious Education to all interested community members (Muslims and Non Muslims)
  • Providing Arabic Language Education to all interested community members (Muslims and Non Muslims)
  • Closing the Gap of Knowledge about Islam and Arabic Culture which exists in our Australian Society, hence improving relations and tolerance across various communities of our society.

Car Parks

180 car parks will be provided as a part of the development of this centre, which will ensure minimal impact on surrounding streets and communities. The current facility at Walker street lacks the capacity to cater for the need of the community, hence traffic problems may arise from time to time.

Public Park

A 10,000 sqm park will be developed by Hobsons Bay City Council. This will be of great value and benefit to local residents in the area and improves the level of recreational facilities in the Newport area.